Pharm-Rx D-Chiro Inositol

Pharm-Rx D-Chiro Inositol is a product that signals transduction and is presented in the middle of the insulin signaling process in the body. Market segments for this product include food and nutrition, with claimed health benefits such as reducing blood sugar levels and improving menstrual health. Labeling claims include being vegetarian, vegan, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-GMO, BSE-free, TSE-free, and allergen-free. End uses for this product encompass dietary supplements, syrups, waffles, butter spreads, and chocolates.

Ingredient Name: D-Chiro Inositol

Ingredient Origin: Natural Origin, Plant Origin

Labeling Claims: Allergen-free, BSE-free, Environmentally Friendly, Natural, Naturally Derived, Non-GMO, Non-Toxic, Plant-Based, TSE-free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Certifications & Compliance: California Proposition 65, FDA 29 CFR 1910.1200, GMP

Benefit Claims (Health): Improves Menstrual Health, Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Features: Blood Glucose Management, Broad pH Stability, Free of Major Allergens, Suitable for Vegans, Suitable for Vegetarian Foods, Temperature Stability

Synonyms: D-(+)- chiro-Inositol, (+)- chiro-Inositol, D- chiro-Inositol, D-Inositol

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Identification & Functionality

Ingredient Name
Food Ingredients Functions
Pharma & Nutraceuticals Functions
Molecular formula
Country of Origin
South Korea
Chemical Structure

Pharm-Rx Aluminum Hydroxide Gel - Chemical Structure - 1

Features & Benefits

Product Highlights
  • DCI is a signal transduction presented in the middle of the insulin signaling process in the body
  • When normal people consume MI, some MI are converted into DCI in the human body, and DCI controls blood sugar and physiological and PCOS improvement
  • People who have problems with insulin homeostasis (insulin resistance or diabetic patients) can not control blood sugar control, physiological control and PCOS improvement, etc. because DCI conversion is not possible even after directly taking MI
  • Direct ingestion of Pl or DCI positively affects blood sugar, physiological and PCOS improvement

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Whitish powder
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Molecular Weight180.16
Microbiological Values
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Yeast & Molds Countmax. 100cfu/gSPC method (PDA)
Total Microbial Countmax. 1,000cfu/gSPC method (PCA)
SalmonellaNegativecfu/gRV, TT Broth method
Eschericha ColiNegativecfu/gEC method
ColiformsNegativecfu/gBGLB method
Nutritional Information
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Total Fat (as Crude Fat)0% /100g
Sodium Content0.2mg/100g
Carbohydrates100% /100g
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Tapped Densitymin. 0.85g/mlTap Density Volumeter Method
Residue on Ignitionmax. 5.0%Electric furnace (550C, Over night)
Purity Contentmin. 95%HPLC
Particle size (Through 80 mesh)min. 90%Mesh
Particle size (Through 60 mesh)min. 100%Mesh
Particle size (Through 40 mesh)min. 100%Mesh
Molecular Mass180
Mercury Contentmax. 0.1ppmMercury Analyzer
Loss on Dryingmax. 5.0%Drying (105 C, 4hr)
Lead Contentmax. 3.0ppmICP
Cadmium Contentmax. 1.0ppmICP
Bulk Densitymin. 0.50g/mlBulk Density Volumeter Method
Arsenic Contentmax. 3.0ppmICP

Regulatory & Compliance

Technical Details & Test Data

Product Characteristics

Manufacturing Process:

 Amicogen D-Chiro Inositol - Product Manufacturing Process - 1

Function of Product : Improvement on Insulin Resistance & Menstrual Irregularity by DCI Intake

Amicogen D-Chiro Inositol - Product Function: Improvement on Insulin Resistance & Menstrual Irregularity by DCI Intake - 1

Comparison of MI, DCI excretion in urine (Normal/Diabetic)

Amicogen D-Chiro Inositol - Comparison of MI, DCI in Urine (Normal/Diabetic) - 1

Measurement of DCI-IPG in blood (Normal/PCOS patients)

Amicogen D-Chiro Inositol - Measurement of DCI-IPG in blood (Normal/PCOS patients) - 1