Pharm-Rx Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate

Pharm-Rx Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate falls under the category hierarchy of the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. Specifically, this product is categorized under the applications segment of drug delivery and care solutions, more specifically as an element within other drug and care solutions.

Chemical Name: Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate

CAS Number: 2438-32-6

Chemical Inventories: AICS (Australia), DSL (Canada), ECL (Korea), EINECS (EU), ENCS (Japan), NZIoC (New Zealand), PICCS (Phillipines)

Certifications & Compliance: California Proposition 65, FDA 29 CFR 1910.1200

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    Enhanced TDS

    Identification & Functionality

    Molecular formula
    C₁₆H₁₉ClN₂ · C₄H₄O₄

    Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate, dried at 65°C for 4 hours, contains not less than 98.0% and not more than 102.0% of dexchlorpheniramine maleate (C₁₆H₁₉ClN₂ · C₄H₄O₄).

    Chemical Structure

    Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate Chemical Structure - 1

    Applications & Uses


    Physical Form
    Typical Properties
    ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
    Molecular Weight390.86

    Regulatory & Compliance

    USP Reference Standards
    • USP Chlorpheniramine Maleate RS USP Chlorpheniramine Related Compound B RS Di(pyridin-2-yl)amine
    • C10H9N3 171.20 USP Chlorpheniramine Related Compound C RS 3-(4-Chlorophenyl-N-methyl-3-(pyridin-2-yl)propan-1- amine maleate
    • C15H17ClN2 · C4H4O4 376.83 USP Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate RS USP Pheniramine Maleate RS