GlycOmega™ Oil is a vital component in the animal feed and nutrition realm, specifically categorized within nutritional ingredients under the fats and oils family. Its functionality revolves around providing essential fats and oils, encompassing fatty acids and lipids essential for nutritional balance. With a natural labeling claim, it's commonly encapsulated for consumption and is available in liquid form, ensuring convenience and efficacy in various nutritional applications.

Ingredient Name: Green-lipped Mussel Oil

Functions: Fat & Oil, Fatty Acid & Lipid

Labeling Claims: Natural

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    • Green-lipped Mussel Oil (GlycOmega™-Oil) is a 100% natural supplement carefully extracted from New Zealand’s native green-lipped mussel.
    • This oil is a highly-purified marine lipid extract, obtained by a special solvent-free process.
    • Green-lipped Mussel Oil is the only product to contain over 30 essential fatty-acids (including DHA and EPA – the two fatty acids found in most fish oil products).
    • GlycOmega™-Oil is manufactured into soft shell capsules or in small bottle with a pipette and sold as Human dietary supplement and / or for Pet dietary products.
    • This product comes in the format of oil, which can be used in capsules, and blends.
    • Suitable for humans and animals.

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    Extraction Process
    • Supercritical CO2 extraction is a sophisticated method of extracting bio-actives where the extracts retain biological activity.
    • Aroma uses this process to produce Green-lipped Mussel Oil.

    Benefits of CO2 extraction:

    • Gentle treatment of heat-sensitive materials
    • Extracts and residues are solvent-free, making them both saleable, unlike other solvent extracts
    • Selective extraction and fractionation of extracts is possible
    • CO2 is recycled within the plant
    • De-selection of heavy metals

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    MOQ: 10 Kgs