Pronulife® LvUcare is available in powder form and serves as a probiotic targeting gut barrier integrity and metabolism regulation. Positioned within the food and nutrition market for applications in nutrition, well-being, and nutraceuticals, it attends to these essential health aspects.

Ingredient Name: Probiotic Blend

Functions: Probiotic

Benefit Claims (Health): Promotes Gut Barrier Integrity, Regulates Metabolism

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    Benefit Claims (Health)
    Product Background
    • Taiwan, known as the "Island of Overwork," ranks fourth globally in annual working hours.
    • This culture of long work hours, late nights, socializing, and late-night snacks has contributed to an increase in metabolic syndrome cases.
    • Gout, a prevalent lifestyle disease in Taiwan, ranks fourth after diabetes, hyperglycemia, and hypertension, becoming the second-largest metabolic disorder.
    • Gout is primarily caused by abnormal uric acid synthesis and metabolism, leading to hyperuricemia.
    • Prolonged exposure to high-risk environments results in urate sodium accumulation in joints, causing swelling and deformities.
    • Hyperuricemia is diagnosed when uric acid levels exceed 7 milligrams per 100 milliliters for males and 6 milligrams per 100 milliliters for females.
    • Metabolism, influenced by gut microbiota health, affects all organs, particularly the liver.
    • Liver cancer ranked fifth in Taiwan's top ten cancers in 2019, with 12,035 deaths from chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, and liver cancer in 2021, making them the 10th leading cause of death.
    • Detecting liver problems is difficult due to the liver's lack of pain nerves.
    • As a result, there is a high demand for liver health products, but the supply is limited.
    Product Benefits

    A Healthy Gut: Key to Balancing Metabolism

    • Gout is commonly linked to overindulgence in rich foods and alcohol, but only 30% of cases result from external factors.
    • The majority, about 70%, stem from waste produced internally. Specifically, "bad bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract" impact the metabolism of high-fat and high-sugar foods, leading to increased uric acid levels.
    • Studies reveal lower gut microbiota diversity in gout patients compared to healthy individuals.
    • Additionally, those with alcohol abuse and liver cirrhosis exhibit distinct gut microbiota from healthy individuals.
    • An unhealthy gut with imbalanced bacteria weakens the protective capacity of good bacteria, affecting the overall metabolic cycle.

    Proven Probiotics for Metabolism Regulation

    • Pronulife® LvUCare probiotic raw material is a market leader, focusing on regulating gut microbiota without the adverse effects of traditional medication.
    • Extensive clinical research confirms its ability to improve hyperuricemia by adjusting gut metabolism.
    • The R&D Center targets challenging liver protection and hyperuricemia in sub-healthy populations.
    • Carefully screened high-quality strains, co-cultured with active probiotics and inosine and guanosine, showed promising results.
    • Lactobacillus fermentum TSF331, Lactobacillus reuteri TSR332, and Lactobacillus plantarum TSP05 effectively alleviate hyperuricemia, with their combined golden proportions proving more impactful than individual strains.
    • The Pronulife® LvUCare probiotic combination has been validated through animal experiments to prevent and treat metabolic syndrome symptoms, including fatty liver and hyperuricemia-induced inflammation.
    • In alcohol-fed mouse models, it reduced triglyceride accumulation, alleviating fatty liver.
    • Rat experiments showed prevention of hyperuricemia and were published in international journals.
    • Two clinical studies revealed its ability to break down uric acid in the digestive tract, protecting the liver and reducing kidney burden.
    • Supported by a Taiwanese invention patent (TW I764598) and multiple patent applications in China and the United States, its effectiveness in promoting metabolism and assisting those with socializing habits has been confirmed through animal and human experiments, contributing to overall health.

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