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Pronulife® Effenergy is a potent powder probiotic blend, serves pharma and nutraceutical needs. Comprising bifidobacterium longums, lactobacillus plantarums, and lactococcus lactis, it delivers diverse health advantages. This includes managing blood glucose, regulating the blood lipid profile, enhancing muscle strength, and boosting endurance.

Ingredient Name: Probiotic Blend

Functions: Probiotic

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    • Taiwanese people have a long life expectancy, with the country entering its fifth year as an "aging society" and soon becoming a "super-aging society" by 2025. However, not all long-lived individuals enjoy good health.
    • Despite increased awareness of health due to the pandemic, elderly individuals may face challenges like muscle weakness and low endurance, hindering regular exercise routines.
    • To address this, the health market for the elderly is gaining attention. Enhancing gut health can play a crucial role in promoting better overall well-being and supporting a healthier, longer life.
    Product Highlights
    • Glac Research Center has discovered the probiotic raw material Pronulife®Effenergy, derived from the gut bacteria of an Olympic gold medalist in 2008.
    • This powerful blend, containing B. longum subsp. Longum OLP-01, L. plantarum PL-02, and L. lactis LY-66, enhances muscle strength and endurance, accelerates lactate metabolism, and facilitates quick exercise recovery.
    • Pronulife®Effenergy reduces post-exercise levels of blood urea nitrogen (BUN), ammonia, and creatine kinase (CK), indicating decreased amino acid catabolism and muscle fatigue. B. longum subsp. Longum OLP-01 improves grip strength and endurance, while L. plantarum PL-02 enhances muscle mass and resistance to fatigue.
    • Furthermore, Pronulife®Effenergy regulates body fat, improves lipid abnormalities, and stabilizes blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes, benefiting both the elderly and exercise enthusiasts. Experience the benefits of exercise like never before with this revolutionary probiotic blend.

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