Pharm-Rx Titanium Dioxide

Pharm-Rx Titanium Dioxide serves as a coating system within healthcare and pharma markets, particularly within pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals technologies. Operating in over-the-counter (OTC) capacities, it belongs to pharmaceutical coatings. Pharm-Rx Titanium Dioxide is commonly used for its coating properties in various pharmaceutical formulations.

Chemical Name: Titanium dioxide

CAS Number: 13463-67-7

Functions: Coating System, OTC

Certifications & Compliance: FDA 29 CFR 1910.1200

Synonyms: TiO2, Titania, Titanium Peroxide

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    Titanium Dioxide contains not less than 99.0% and not more than 100.5% of titanium dioxide (TiO2 ), calculated on the dried basis. If labeled as attenuation grade, then Titanium Dioxide contains not less than 99.0% and not more than 100.5% of TiO2 , calculated on the ignited basis. Attenuation grade material may contain suitable coatings, stabilizers, and treatments to assist formulation.

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    Molecular Weight79.87--

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    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    If intended for UV-attenuation, the material is labeled as attenuation grade. If intended for UV-attenuation, and any added coatings, stabilizers, or treatments are used, label it to indicate the name and amount of the additives.

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    Preserve in well-closed containers.