Pharm-Rx Oxybenzone

Pharm-Rx Oxybenzone is a product that serves OTC (over the counter) functions. It is in powder form and is soluble in alcohol. This product is applicable in the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets and is used in other drug and care solutions.

Chemical Name: Oxybenzone

CAS Number: 131-57-7

Chemical Inventories: AICS (Australia), DSL (Canada), ECL (Korea), EINECS (EU), ENCS (Japan), IECSC (China), NZIoC (New Zealand), PICCS (Phillipines), TCSI (Taiwan), TSCA (USA)

Synonyms: (2-Hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)phenylmethanone, 2-Benzoyl-5-methoxyphenol, 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone, 4-Methoxy-2-hydroxybenzophenone, 4-Methoxy-2-hydroxybenzophenone butyric acid, Benzophenone-3

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