Pharm-Rx Guar Gum

Pharm-Rx Guar Gum is categorized within formulation and processing aids under excipients in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals technologies. Composed of guar gum, Pharm-Rx Guar Gum serves as a vital component in various formulation and processing applications.

Chemical Name: Guar Gum

CAS Number: 9000-30-0

Synonyms: Cyamopsis gum, E 412, α-D-galacto-β-D-Mannan, α-D-Galactopyrano-β-D-mannopyranan

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    Identification & Functionality

    Chemical Name

    Guar Gum is the flour obtained by grinding the endosperms of seeds of Cyamopsis tetragonolobus (L.) Taub. (Fam. Leguminosae). It consists chiefly of high molecular weight hydrocolloidal polysaccharides composed of galactomannan. The content of galactomannan is not less than 66.0%. Galactomannan consists of a linear main chain of β-(1→4)-glycosidically linked mannopyranoses and single α-(1→6)-glycosidically linked galactopyranoses, and the ratio of the mannose and galactose is from 1.4:1 to 2.2:1.

    Chemical Structure

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    Regulatory & Compliance

    USP Reference Standards
    • USP Dextrose RS USP Galactose RS USP Mannose RS USP Xylose RS