Pharm-Rx Freeze Dried Beef Liver Powder

Pharm-Rx Freeze Dried Beef Liver Powder is a freeze-dried powder derived from animal origin. It boasts various quality-related labeling claims, including being BSE-free, additive-free, hormones-free, pesticide-free, and solvent-free. This powder is suitable for use as a dietary supplement and falls under the category of nutraceuticals and supplements.

Ingredient Origin: Animal Origin

Labeling Claims: Additive-free, BSE-free, Hormones-free, Pesticide-free, Solvent-free

Features: Freeze Dried

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    Identification & Functionality

    Features & Benefits


    Physical Form
    Brownish powder
    Microbiological Values
    ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
    Total Aerobic Microbial Countmax. 3000CFU/gUSP valid method (61)
    Yeasts & Molds Countmax. 100CFU/gUSP valid method (61)
    Salmonella spp.Negative-USP valid method (62)
    Escherichia coliNegative-USP valid method (62)
    Staphylococcus aureusNegative-USP valid method (62)
    Pseudomona aeruginosaNegative-USP valid method (62)
    ColiformsNegative-USP valid method (62)
    Chemical Analysis
    ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
    pH (20°C, 5% solution)4.50 - 5.50-USP valid method ( 791)
    Loss on Dryingmax. 6%USP valid method (731)
    Residue on Ignitionmax. 10%USP valid method (281)
    Nitrogen Content11.2 - 14%USP valid method 1 (461)
    Protein Content72 - 87.50%Nitrogen * 6.25
    Fatmax. 15.5%Pancreatin USP valid method page 4702
    Vitamin B12max. 2mcg/g-
    Riboflavinmax. 50mcg/g-
    Nicotinic Acidmax. 250mcg/g-
    Cholinemax. 10mcg/g-
    Particle Size (40 mesh)90 - 100%USP valid method (786)
    Heavy Metalsmax. 20ppmUSP valid method 1 (231)

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