Pharm-Rx Centrophenoxine

Pharm-Rx Centrophenoxine is a supplement containing the ingredient centrophenoxine. It is used in pharma and nutraceuticals for its beneficial functions.

Ingredient Name: Centrophenoxine

Synonyms: (p-Chlorophenoxy)acetic acid 2-(dimethylamino)ethyl ester, (p-Chlorophenoxy)acetic acid β-(dimethylamino)ethyl ester, (4-Chloro-phenoxy)-acetic acid 2-dimethylamino-ethyl ester, 2-(Dimethylamino)ethyl (p-chlorophenoxy)acetate, (2-Dimethylamino)ethyl(4-chlorophenoxy)acetate, Dimethylaminoethylp-chlorophenoxyacetate, Meclophenoxate, Meclofenoxane, Meclofenoxate, NSC169411, EN 1627

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