Pharm-Rx Atenolol USP

Chemical Name: Atenolol

CAS Number: 29122-68-7

Certifications & Compliance: United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

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    Atenolol contains NLT 98.0% and NMT 102.0% of atenolol (C14H22N2O3), calculated on the dried basis.

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    Typical Properties
    ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
    Molecular Weight266.34

    Regulatory & Compliance

    Certifications & Compliance
    USP Reference Standards

    USP Atenolol RS
    USP Atenolol Related Compound A RS 2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)acetamide.
    C8H9NO2 151.17
    USP Atenolol Related Compound B RS 2-[4-(2,3-Dihydroxypropoxy)phenyl]acetamide.
    C11H15NO4 225.24
    USP Atenolol Related Compound E RS 2,2'-{[(2-Hydroxypropane-1,3-diyl)bis(oxy)]bis(4,1-phenylene)}diacetamide.
    C19H22N2O5 358.39
    USP Atenolol Related Compound F RS 2,2'-[{[(lsopropylazanediyl)bis(2-hydroxypropane-3,1-diyl)]bis(oxy)}bis(4,1-phenylene)]diacetamide.
    C25H35N3O6 473.57 A (USP 1-May-2022)

    Storage & Handling

    Storage Information

    Preserve in well-closed containers. Store at controlled (USP 1-May-2022) room temperature.